Wilson Harwood is a Nashville based songwriter and loop artist. Not afraid to bend genres, Wilson has been drawing on a diverse array of influences including bluegrass, blues, soul, and Americana. Wilson’s latest work is an album of songs about how love changes throughout a lifetime called “Rooted In You.” This marks his debut album since moving to Nashville as well as his first LP. Wilson performs both solo and with a full band. When playing solo, he uses live looping, instrument changes, and layered vocal harmonies to create the rich sound of a full band with just one person.

Wilson’s accomplishments as a solo artist include his singles “Rose Petal,” released March 8th, 2017 and “Rebound,” released November 2016, and an EP released in April 2016. His music was featured in the trailer for the independent film Persephone: Pictures at the End of the World and he was the winner of the Grassroots Music Festival Banjo contest in 2014. 

Wilson Harwood’s first formal exposure to music was with violin lessons at age 5, but his career as a musician really began when he picked up a guitar at age 10. By age 13 he was performing with a ska band in his hometown of Bethesda, Maryland. Since then, he has continued to build his musical arsenal, mastering the ukulele and banjo as well as voice. Wilson moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2006 to study music at the University of Colorado. While at CU, Wilson studied Afro-Pop, and also traveled to Cuba where he studied Tres (a traditional three-stringed Cuban guitar). In 2010 he received a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis on World Music.

In 2010, Wilson became a founding member of Rocktin, an Americana/rock band that played and toured nationally for five years and was the Rocky Mountain Battle of the Bands Rock winner in 2014. Rocktin produced an EP, single and LP, and also scored music for the documentary film Life, Liberty and Resilience by Stephen Tubbs, which won Best Documentary Short at the SLO Film Festival in 2014. Rocktin has played alongside groups including American Authors, Marshall Tucker Band, Collective Soul, and Particle.

In addition to Rocktin, Wilson’s other projects include the afro-grass ensemble Mbanza (formed in 2014) and the bluegrass group Hilltop Harvest (formed in 2012).

Press for Wilson’s Music

“…a gently plucked acoustic, beautifully melancholic violin and Harwood’s own gentle harmonies capture the experience of walking through a thick wooded area during an overcast morning.”  – Hard Wired

“Wilson’s soothing voice drifts in and out of the bright and warm finger-plucked notes of his acoustic guitar.” – The Prelude Press

“It’s the most upbeat blues song you’ll ever hear.” – Ear to the Ground

“Wilson Harwood has managed to combine what feels like a smooth lullaby with a buoyant reminiscence of something lost; you can almost feel the warm tide rolling over your feet as his voice sweeps over drippy percussion and soft guitars.” –Hannah Oreskovich, BolderBeat

“As soon as I heard Wilson Harwood’s mellow finger picking on acoustic guitar, I knew I would dig his new single Lines of Chances.  Harwood’s vocals are rich, deep, and nuanced, giving texture to this winsome melody.  A feel-good violin joins in, his instrumentals making themselves just like the “curly twine branches” in the song’s lyrics.  I’m looking forward to listening to more from this talented artist.”  Nancy Levine, Grateful Web

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